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The McDonald's Monopoly scam

The biggest fraud in history

McDonald's Monopoly is a scam and it violates many laws accross many nations around the world. In Europe, for instance, the "game" violates the EU directive 2005/29/CE on unfair commercial practices making it de facto illegal in every European Union countries where the fraud took place. We are currently actively preparing to launch a lawsuit against McDonald's corporation in Europe.

Another example is Australia where McDonald's violates the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

The game is illegal even in the United States despite being one of the very few countries which did mention in the fine print that the game was rigged — as opposed to the many countries where this crucial piece of information was nowhere to be found even in the fine print.

Why would the game be illegal in the United States if the fine print in that country indicated the game was rigged? Because the fine print contradicts the overall message of the advertisement. Furthermore, McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook admitted in a conference call with investors that the Monopoly promotion affected consumer behavior.

Whether you are a consumer who has been misled by McDonald's fraud, a coffee shop or restaurant owner who has to compete against an unethical and ruthless corporation which distorts fair competition by resorting to illegal schemes, you are a victim of McDonald's criminal practices.

It would be too long to explain in details, on a single page, the mechanics of the fraud including all of the relevant laws which have been violated. That's why we've organized the explanations in different categories listed below.

In the event you've already played and got defrauded, don't throw your stickers away as you need to keep them as proof if you intend to claim a financial compensation in civil court or press criminal charges against McDonald's in your country. This being said, please remember that even if you haven't played, you still have the power to do something about it.

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Write to us at We are here to listen to you and to help you.