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McDonald's Monopoly : the biggest fraud in history
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Claim a financial compensation

First of all, REMEMBER NOT TO THROW YOUR STICKERS AWAY and this even after the game is finished! Why? Because they are proofs of your participation to McDonald's Monopoly and you will need them if you intend to claim a financial compensation. If on top of this you can keep your receipts, it would be even better.

How much might you be able to claim?

Probabilities can be very tricky. The indemnisation amount might defer from one country to another based on the national laws of your country. Because McDonald's rigged the game, you don't know what stickers you would have gotten with an unrigged game. The legal concept of "loss of chance" applies. You therefore must try to determine how many stickers of each you would have gotten had the game not been rigged.

First step : determine the number of stickers you should have gotten with an unrigged game

There are multiple ways to determine this number. Because we don't want to confuse you too much with mathematical details, we've decided to write a computer simulation which simulates a draw. We do a simulation with 2 stickers, with 3 stickers, with 4 stickers etc... up to 55 stickers. If you got more than 55 stickers, send us an email and we can run a personalized simulation for you.

Because a probability is not a certainty and that we want a very precise number, we run each simulation between 100'000 times up to 1 million times. This being said, remember that the more you've played, the closer the simulation number will be to the theoritical number. To understand why, think about when you flip a coin. If you play twice in a row, you can't be sure you will get 1 head and 1 tail. But if you play 1000 times, you can be pretty sure that the total amount of times you fall on head will be similar to the total amount of times you fall on tail. For example, 450 times on head, 550 times on tail. Or 511 times on head, 489 times on tail etc...

To the best of our knowledge, McDonald's didn't show the value of some of the prizes on the official game board. Therefore, for the 2 cinema tickets, we've assumed a value of 20 euros. We've assumed a value of 166 euros for the Sony portable speaker (based on the price displayed on Amazon UK at the time of this writing). The 5 stars hotel break was estimated at 500 euros. If you have the exact value, please contact us so that we can rectify our numbers. The Las Vegas or New York holiday was estimated at 5000 euros. Again, please contact us if you have the exact value.

Simulation results

From 2 to 10 stickers, the simulation was run 1 million times and the software determine the average, in euros, of the value of the prize you should have won had the game not been rigged. From 11 to 55 stickers, the simulation was run 100'000 times only. Please use these numbers to give you an idea. If you decide to sue McDonald's in court, we could provide you with more precise estimations based on the laws of your country.

0 sticker 0.00 euro (without sticker, you can't possible win anything)
1 sticker 0.00 euro (with only 1 sticker, you can't complete any property set since you need at least 2 stickers to complete a property set)
2 stickers 29.80 euros
3 stickers 87.33 euros
4 stickers 173.14 euros
5 stickers 285.59 euros
6 stickers 421.61 euros
7 stickers 581.21 euros
8 stickers 764.35 euros
9 stickers 970.88 euros
10 stickers 1192.64 euros
11 stickers 1451.93 euros
12 stickers 1704.86 euros
13 stickers 1988.07 euros
14 stickers 2233.64 euros
15 stickers 2555.97 euros
16 stickers 2858.65 euros
17 stickers 3182.37 euros
18 stickers 3543.63 euros
19 stickers 3923.67 euros
20 stickers 4292.93 euros
21 stickers 4641.12 euros
22 stickers 4983.15 euros
23 stickers 5423.19 euros
24 stickers 5779.92 euros
25 stickers 6224.31 euros
26 stickers 6613.89 euros
27 stickers 6997.37 euros
28 stickers 7440.97 euros
29 stickers 7887.40 euros
30 stickers 8309.33 euros
31 stickers 8756.61 euros
32 stickers 9162.86 euros
33 stickers 9609.79 euros
34 stickers 10038.82 euros
35 stickers 10505.50 euros
36 stickers 10950.82 euros
37 stickers 11445.47 euros
38 stickers 11872.81 euros
39 stickers 12305.46 euros
40 stickers 12798.33 euros
41 stickers 13268.48 euros
42 stickers 13706.02 euros
43 stickers 14190.99 euros
44 stickers 14720.01 euros
45 stickers 15174.91 euros
46 stickers 15644.30 euros
47 stickers 16070.34 euros
48 stickers 16583.36 euros
49 stickers 17087.80 euros
50 stickers 17579.70 euros
51 stickers 18023.87 euros
52 stickers 18510.33 euros
53 stickers 19037.11 euros
54 stickers 19585.18 euros
55 stickers 20037.62 euros

We also strongly advise you to stop playing to this "game" which is a scam.

Write to us at We are here to listen to you and to help you.